Marty Perlmutter

Emeritus Professor and Former Director, Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program

Marty Perlmutter came to the College of Charleston in 1979 after teaching Philosophy for most of the seventies at the University of Texas in Austin. A native of New York City, Marty graduated CCNY in 1964 and took his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Illinois. Marty chaired the Department of Philosophy at the College for eight years before becoming director of the Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program in 1991. Marty’s academic interests are in ethics, particularly medical ethics, philosophy of religion, and Jewish thought.

Marty graduated Yeshiva University High School and studied for many years at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He helped create the Jewish Studies Program at the College of Charleston and has been integrally related to its growth.  He is especially proud of its unique administrative structure which oversees Jewish student life, community outreach, and an academic program with both a major and a minor, travel opportunities, and a designated Jewish Studies faculty, including two endowed chairs.

Perlmutter Fellows is a four-year community leadership development and academic enhancement program designed to help students discover and develop an understanding of the many social justice issues plaguing our society. Run by the faculty of the Jewish Studies Program, Perlmutter Fellows begin their journey at CofC as freshmen selected via an application and an interview process.The Perlmutter Fellows Program is named in honor of former Jewish Studies Program Director, Dr. Martin Perlmutter, and his four decades of service to the College of Charleston.