Faculty and Staff Listing


Jonathan Neufeld, Associate Professor and Chair
Jonathan Neufeld Office: 14 Glebe Street, Room 202
Phone: 843.953.4987
Email: neufeldja@cofc.edu
Interests: Philosophy and Music, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Law. Profile
Jennifer Baker, Professor
bakerprofile.jpeg Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 101
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: bakerja@cofc.edu
Interests: Virtue Ethics, Political theory, Environmental and Business Ethics, Bioethics, and American philosophy. Profile
Deborah Boyle, Professor
Deborah Boyle Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 200
Phone: 843.953-5687
Email: boyled@cofc.edu
Interests:History of Modern Philosophy, especially Lady Mary Shepherd, David Hume, and Margaret Cavendish. Profile
Christian Coseru, Professor
Christian Coseru Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 201
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: coseruc@cofc.edu
Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Phenomenology, Epistemology, Indian and Buddhist Philosophy, Hellenistic Philosophy. Profile
Nicolas Delon, Assistant Professor
Nicolas Delon Office: 14 Glebe Street, Room 301
E-mail: delonn@cofc.edu
Interests: Environmental ethics, animal ethics, history of philosophy, animal minds, environmental studies, food, and social, political, and legal philosophy. Profile
Andrew Garnar, Adjunct Professor
Andrew Garnar Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 300
E-mail: garnaraw@cofc.edu 
Interests: Ethics, philosophy of technology, philosophy of science, continental philosophy, and Feminist theory. Profile
Todd Grantham, Professor
Todd Grantham Office: 14 Glebe Street, Room 301
E-mail: granthamt@cofc.edu 
Interests: Philsophy of biology (especially evolutionary theory), philosophy of science Profile
Scott Hemmenway, Adjunct Professor
Scott Hemmenway

Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 301
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: hemmenwaysr@cofc.edu
Interests: Ancient Greek Philosophy, Political Philosophy, and History of Philosophy. Profile

Sheridan Hough, Professor
Sheridan Hough Office: 14 Glebe Street, Room 201
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: houghs@cofc.edu
Interests: 19th and 20th-century Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Literature, Feminist Philosophy. Profile
Larry Krasnoff, Professor
Larry Krasnoff Office: 14 Glebe Street, Room 301
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: krasnoff@cofc.edu
Interests: Moral and political philosophy, Kant, Hegel. Profile
Thomas Nadelhoffer, Professor
Thomas Nadelhoffer Office: 16 Glebe Street, Room 102
Phone: 843.953.5687
Email: nadelhofferta@cofc.edu
Interests: Action theory, free will, moral psychology, neuroethics, criminal law, psychopathology, and punishment. Profile
Professors Emeriti
Ned Hettinger, Emeritus Professor
Ned Hettinger Email: hettingern@cofc.edu  Interests: Environmental Philosophy, Aesthetics, Business Ethics. Profile
Glenn Lesses, Emeritus Professor
Glenn Lesses Email: lessesg@cofc.edu   Interests: History of Ancient Greek Philosophy, especially Socrates, Plato, and Hellenistic Philosophy, Stoic Moral Theory. Profile
Marty Perlmutter, Emeritus Professor and Former Director, Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program
Email: perlmutterm@cofc.edu   Interests: History of Jewish Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion.
Hugh Wilder, Emeritus Professor
Hugh Wilder Email: wilderh@cofc.edu   Interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Sport.

Affiliated Faculty

Claire Curtis, Professor
Claire Curtis Office: 222 JC Long
Phone: 843.953.5724
Email: curtisc@cofc.edu
Interests: Utopia and dystopia, and the intersections between political philosophy and fiction. Profile
Sam Flores, Assistant Professor
Sam Flores Office: 306C Randolph Hall
Phone: 843.953.1998
Email: floresso@cofc.edu
Interests: Ancient Philosophy, especially Plato, Greek Political Thought. Profile
Michael Gomez, Associate Professor
Michael Gomez Office: 139 JC Long
Phone: 843.953.7125
Email: gomezm@cofc.edu
Interests: The intersection between science, philosophy and literature; Spanish cultural and intellectual productions of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Profile
Briana McGinnis, Assistant Professor
Briana McGinnis

Office:225 JC Long
Email: mcginnisbl@cofc.edu
Interests:Political theory and public law, with a special focus on citizenship and belonging.

Jen Wright, Associate Professor
Jen Wright Office: 65 Coming St., Office 104
Phone: 843.953.8196
Email: wrightjj1@cofc.edu
Interests: Developmental Psychology, Advanced Child & Adolescent, Happiness, Psychology of Violence. Profile