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Philosophy Major

The philosophy major is quite flexible and can be adapted to your needs and interests.  You can, for example, major in philosophy while pursuing a pre-med or pre-law curriculum.  If you are pre-law, you should strongly consider our optional concentration in Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPLW). It is also possible to combine your study of philosophy with the study of another discipline through a double major or by minoring in another field.  At the time you declare your major, you will have an initial advising meeting with the Department Chair and choose an advisor.  Your advisor will help you develop a course of study that focuses on the areas of philosophy that most interest you.  It is important to complete the logic and history of philosophy requirements as soon as possible, because these courses provide essential background and introduce you to the history, methods, and subfields of philosophy.  Symbolic Logic (PHIL 120) is offered every semester. History of Ancient Philosophy (PHIL 201) is offered every fall semester, and History of Modern Philosophy (PHIL 202) is offered every spring semester.  The senior seminar in Philosophy (PHIL 450, or PPLW 400, for those in the PPLW concentration) is the capstone of the major; typically, PPLW 400 is offered in the spring by a faculty member in Philosophy, and in the spring by a faculty member in Political Science. PHIL 450 is offered each spring.  The topics of the senior seminars vary; recent versions have been held on autonomy, on scientific realism and the past, and on public reasoning.

Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy requires 18 semester hours in Philosophy, which must include the following:

  • 3 credit hours at the 300-level or above;
  • 9 additional credit hours at the 200-level or above;
  • 6 credit hours at the 100-level or above;
  • One history of philosophy course (201, 202, 304, 305, 306, 307, or 310)     

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