Scott Hemmenway

Adjunct Professor

Address: 16 Glebe Street, Room 301
Phone: 843.953.5687

Scott Hemmenway is primarily interested in the philosophy of Plato, especially the literary and political dimensions of his dialogues.  Before joining the faculty at the College of Charleston, he had a 29-year career as a tenured professor at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest.


1989 - Ph.D., Philosophy, Penn State University

1984 - M.A., Philosophy, Penn State University

1978 - B.A., Philosophy, Wesleyan University

Research Interests

  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy


“The Myth of the Flood in Plato’s Laws: Philosophical Music and Intoxicant.” In Writing the Poetic Soul of Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Michael Davis, edited by Denise Schaeffer, St. Augustine’s Press, "2019, pp. 203-221."

 “The Techne-Analogy in Socrates’ Healthy City: Justice and the Craftsman in the Republic.” Ancient Philosophy 19 (2000): 267-284.

“Sophistry Exposed: Socrates on the Unity of Virtue in the Protagoras.” Ancient Philosophy 16 (1996): 1-23.

“Pedagogy in the Myth of Plato’s Statesman: Body and Soul in Relation to Philosophy and Politics.” History of Philosophy Quarterly 11 (July 1994): 253-268.

“Philosophical Apology in the Theaetetus.” Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy 17 (Spring 1990): 323-346.