Recent Faculty Publications

2021 Publications

Baker, J. (2021). "The Humane Way: Plato on Criminal Criminal Justice" Liberty, Democracy, and the Temptations to Tyranny to in the Dialogues of Plato, Charlotte Thomas, ed. Mercer University Press. 

2020 Publications

Nadelhoffer, T., Yin, S., & Graves, R. (2020). Folk intuitions and the conditional ability to do otherwise. Philosophical Psychology (online first) [Graves was a Duke University undergraduate] 

Nadelhoffer, T., Shepard, J., Crone, D., Everett, J., Earp, B., & Levy, N. (2020). Does encouraging a belief in determinism increase cheating? Reconsidering the value of believing in free will. Cognition, 203, 104342. 

Nadelhoffer, T., Rose, D., Buckwalter, W. & Nichols, S. (2020). Natural compatibilism, indeterminism, and intrusive metaphysics. Cognitive Science, 44:8, e12873 

Nadelhoffer, T., Graves, R., Skorburg, G., Leary, M., & Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (2020). Humility, partisanship, and polarization. In A. Taneseni & M. Lynch (Eds.), Polarization, arrogance, and dogmatism (pp. 175-192). Routledge. [Graves was a Duke University undergraduate] 

Vincent, N., Nadelhoffer, T., & Allan McCay. (2020). Law viewed through the lens of neurointerventions. In N. Vincent, T. Nadelhoffer, & A. McCay (Eds.), Neurointerventions and the law: Regulating human mental capacity (pp. 1–32). New York: Oxford University Press. 

Nadelhoffer, T., Wright, J., Goya-Tocchetto, D., & McGuire, Q. (2020). Folk jurisprudence and neurointervention: An interdisciplinary investigation. In N. Vincent, T. Nadelhoffer, & A. McCay (Eds.), Neurointerventions and the law: Regulating human mental capacity (pp. 193–222). New York: Oxford University Press. [McGuire was a College of Charleston undergraduate]  

2019 Publications

Baker, J. (2019). "Ainslie and Aristotle: Behavioral Science on Virtue," Virtue and the Practice of Science: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Dean-Drummond, C., Stagleford, T., and Narvaez, D. eds. Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing via Pressbooks.

Baker, J. (2019). "Economics and Virtue: Economic Good as the Object of Moral Evaluation," Oxford Handbook on Ethics and Economics, Mark D. White, ed. Oxford University Press. 

Boyle, D. The Humean Mind, ed. Angela Coventry and Alex Sager, pp. 470-480. London: Routledge, 2019.

Nadelhoffer, T. (2019). Moral responsibility has a past: Has it a future? Journal of Information Ethics, 28(1), 13–31. [invited introduction to a special issue] 

2018 Publications

Baker, J. (2018). "Stoicism Reconsidered: Choose the Hyundai," Reason Papers Vol. 40, no. 1: 9-13.

Krasnoff, L. “More than Consent: Kant on the Function of the Social Contract,” Las Torres de Lucca: International Journal of Political Philosophy 7.13 (2018), 45-62.

Krasnoff, L. “On the (Supposed) Distinction Between Classical and Welfare Liberalism: Lessons from the Doctrine of Right,” in L. Krasnoff, N. Sánchez Madrid and P. Satne (eds.), Kant’s Doctrine of Right in the 21st Century (University of Wales Press, 2018), 103-123.

Boyle, D. "Expanding the Canon of Scottish Philosophy: The Case for Adding Mary Shepherd.” The Journal of Scottish Philosophy 15 no. 3 (2017): 275-93.

Boyle, D. (September 2018) “Margaret Cavendish.” Oxford Bibliographies Online.

Nadelhoffer, T., & Wright, J. (2018). “Humility, Free Will Beliefs, and Existential Angst: How We Got from a Preliminary Investigation to a Cautionary Tale.” In G. Caruso (Ed.), Neuroexistentialism: Meaning, Morals, and Purpose in the Age of Neuroscience. Oxford University Press: 269-297.

Nadelhoffer, T. (2018). “A Case for Feminist Self Defense” The Philosopher’s Magazine, 81: 26-32.

2017 Publications

Baker, J. (2017). "Virtue Ethics", Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, Robert Kolb, ed., 2nd edition, SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA. 

Nunan, R. (Fall 2017). "Potty Humors: Melancholic and Choleric Presidents, Sclerotic Voters, and the Federal Courts on Title IX in School Bathrooms". APA Newsletter LBGTQ Issues In Philosophy, v. 17, no. 1 (United States).

Santin, T; Vilanova, F; Brandelli Costa, A.; Goya-Tocchetto, D.; Nadelhoffer, T.; & Koller, S. (2017). “Cultural Validation of the Free Will Inventory in Brazil.” Revista Avaliação Psicológica, v.16 (3). (Brazil)

Nadelhoffer, T., & Wright, J. (2017). “The Twin Hallmarks of Humility.” In C. Miller & W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Eds.), Moral Psychology: Virtues and Vices (Vol.5). MIT Press: 309-342. [Includes commentary by Nancy Snow and June Tangney and our reply]

Boyle, D. 2018. "The Well-Ordered Universe: The Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish." New York: Oxford Univerity Press.

Wright, J., & Nadelhoffer, T., Ross, L., & Sinnott-Armstrong, W. (2017). "Be It Ever So Humble: An Updated Account and Scale for Humility." Self and Identity, 17(1) 92-125*

Nadelhoffer, T., & Wright, J. (2017). “The Twin Hallmarks of Humility.” In C. Miller & W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Eds.), Moral Psychology: Virtues and Vices (Vol.5). MIT Press: 309-342. [Includes commentary by Nancy Snow and June Tangney and our reply] 

Wright, J.C., Nadelhoffer, T., Perini, T., Langville, A., Echols, M., & Venezia, K. (2017). “The Psychological Significance of Humility.” The Journal of Positive Psychology, 12(1): 3-12

Nunan, R. “Authorial Intent, Alien3, and Thomas Wartenberg’s Alleged Necessary Condition for Films to Do Philosophy”,  Film & Philosophy 21 (Jan, 2017), 52-73.

2016 Publications

Baker, J. (2016). "A Place at the Table: The Bourgeois Deal and Low Wage Workers," Symposium on Deirdre McCloskey and the Bourgeois Virtue, Eramus Journal for Philosophy and Economics. 

Baker, J. (2016). "What is Stopping Me? Breaking Bad and Virtue Ethics," Breaking Bad and Philosophy, Palgrave MacMillan Press. 

Baker, J. (2016). "Online Data Privacy and the Justification of the Market," The Responsibilities of Online Service Providers; Law, Governance and Technology Series, Voil. 31, Mariarosaria Taddeo and Luciano Floridid, eds. Springer.

Baker, J. (2016). "Can Charlie Brown be Happy?" Peanuts and Philosophy, Richard Greene, ed. Open Court Press.

Baker, J. (2016). Second reprint, "Virtue and Behavior" Social Economics: Critical Concepts in Economics, Wilfrid Dolfsma, Mark White, Deborah Figart, Ellen Mutari, Robert McMaster, eds. Routledge.

Coseru, C. “Personal Identity and Cosmopolitan Philosophy,” Philosophical Studies DOI: 10.1007/ s11098-016-0829-6 

Coseru, C. "Consciousness and Causal Emergence: Śāntarakṣita Against Physicalism," in Jonardon Ganeri, ed., The Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy (Oxford University P

Coseru, C. "Freedom from Responsibility: Agent-Neutral Consequentialism and the Bodhisattva Ideal", in Rick Repetti, ed,. Buddhist Perspectives on Free Will: Agentless

Hough, S. “We Are Responsible to All For All”: An Intersubjective Analysis of Breaking Bad in Decker, K. S., Koepsell, D.R., and Arp, R. (eds.) Philosophy and Breaking Bad, Palsgrave Macmillan, 2016, 217–232.gency? (London, Routledge 2016).

Nadelhoffer, T. "Pure Retributivism and the Problem of Psychopathy: A Preliminary Investigation" Estado e Sociedade (State and Society - Brazil) n. 47, p. 156 - 204.

Nunan, R.  “Homosexuality: Christianity: Medieval Times and Reformation Era,” in Sebastian Fuhrmann & Carolyn Muessig (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, vol. 12, 314-316 (DeGruyter, March, 2016).

2015 Publications

Baker, J. (2015). “The Commonwealth of Nature: Stoic Economics” Economics and the Virtues: Building a New Moral Foundation, Oxford University Press.

Baker, J. (2015). “The Radical Stoics” Economics and the Virtues: Building a New Moral Foundation, Oxford University Press, 2015.

Baker, J. (2015). "A Place at the Table: Low Wage Workers and the Bourgeois Deal". Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, Volume 9, issue 2.

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Coseru, C. “Taking the Intentionality of Perception Seriously.”  Philosophy: East and West 65(3): pp. 227-48.

Coseru, C. "Précis of Perceiving Reality," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (9-10): 9-24.

Coseru, C. "Perception, Causally Efficacious Particulars, and the Range of Phenomenal Consciousness," Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (9-10): 55-82.

Krasnoff, L.  “Constructivism: Kantian/Political,” “Kant,” “Kantian Interpretation,” “Practial Reason,” “The Reasonable and the Rational,” “Stability.”  Entries in Mandle and Reidy (eds.) The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon, Cambridge UP, pp. 149-156, 395-398, 399-402, 635-639, 692-697, 804-810. 

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Nunan, R.  Obergefell v. Hodges: Some Reflections on Constitutional Adjudication”    American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Philosophy 15, No. 1 (Fall, 2015), 7-14.

2014 Publications

Baker, J. (2014). “You Did That: The Devil and Virtue Ethics” The Devil: Philosophy for Everyone, Robert Arp, ed. Blackwell-Wiley.

Coseru, C. "Buddhism, Comparative Neurophilosophy, and Human Flourishing." Zygon 49 (1): pp. 208-219.

Hettinger, N. Valuing Naturalness in the Anthropocene: Now More than Ever,” in  Keeping the Wild:  Against the Domestication of Earth, ed. by George Wuerthner, Eileen Crist, and Tom Butler (Washington, DC: c, May 2014), pp. 174-179.

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Nadelhoffer, T., Shepard, J., Nahmias, E., Sripada, C., & Ross, L. "The Free Will Inventory: Measuring Beliefs about Agency and Responsibility." Consciousness and Cognition, Vol. 25: pp. 27-41.

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Neufeld, J. “Musical Ontology: Critical, not Metaphysical.” Contemporary Aesthetics vol. 12. (Published online)

Nunan, R. "Proportional Representation, the Single Transferable Vote, and Electoral Pragmatism" in Cudd, R. and Schols, S. (ed) Philosophical Perspectives on Democracy in the 21st Century, (Springer, 2014), pp. 87-101.

Nunan, R. Film as Philosophy in Memento: Reforming Wartenberg’s Imposition Objection. Film & Philosophy18 (January, 2014), pp. 1-18.

2013 Publications

Baker, J. (2013). "Children's Agency, Interests, and Medical Consent," HEC Forum, 25 (4):311-324.

Baker, J. (2013). “Virtue Ethics and Practical Guidance,” Social Philosophy and Policy: New Essays in Moral Philosophy, Volume 30 Issue 1 and 2.

Baker, J. (2013). “Who’s Afraid of a Final End? The Omission of Traditional Practical Rationality from Contemporary Virtue Ethics” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Springer, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 85-98.

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Nunan, R. "Same-Sex Marriage: Spring 2013 Update on the Story So Far", American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Philosophy 12, No. 2 (Spring, 2013), 19-22.

Nunan, R. "Supreme Court Conservatives at the Deep End of the Pool", American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Philosophy 13, No. 1 (Fall, 2013), 11-21.

Nunan, R. “Gender Tourism in Feature Films: The Case of Transamerica,” Film and Philosophy 17 (2013), 77-95

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Neufeld, J. "Billy Budd's Song: Authority and Music in the Public Sphere," Opera Quarterly, vol 28, February 2013.

2012 Publications

Hettinger, "Nature Restoration as a Paradigm for the Human Relationship with Nature," in Allen Thompson and Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, eds. Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change: Human Virtues of the Future (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012), pp. 27-46.

Hettinger, Conceptualizing and Evaluating Non-Native Species. Nature Education Knowledge 3(7):7. 

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Schonbein, “The Linguistic Subversion of Mental Representation.” Minds and Machines. Published Online, June 12.

2011 Publications

Baker, J. (2011). “Natural Childbirth is for the Birds: An Analysis of the Normativity of Natural” in S. Lintott (ed.), Motherhood: The Birth of Wisdom.  Blackwell-Wiley.

Baker, J. (2011). “Who’s Afraid of A Final End?”  Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

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2010 Publications

Baker, J. (2010). “How to Justify the Market” in M. White (ed.), Accepting the Invisible Hand.  Palgrave MacMillan.

Baker, J. (2010). “Procrastination as Vice,” in Andreou (ed.), The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination.  Oxford University Press. 

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Nunan, “Catholics and Fundamentalist Protestants on Homoerotic Desire: Augustine vs. Pelagius”    Biblical Theology Bulletin 40, #1 (February, 2010), 37-51.

Nunan, “Filmosophy and the Art of Teaching Philosophy through Film,” Film & Philosophy 14 (2010), 135-154

2009 Publications

Baker, J. (2009). “Virtue and Behavior,” in Review of Social Economy 67.

Coseru, “Buddhist Foundationalism.” Philosophy East and West 59/4 (2009): 409-39.

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