Message from the Chair

Welcome students, parents, alumni, and other visitors! The Department of Philosophy offers a major, a minor, and courses that help non-majors understand how philosophical issues arise in all dimensions of human experience. We offer courses in both the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy, drawing on analytic, Continental and non-Western traditions. The major has an optional concentration with Political Science (Politics, Philosophy and Law) focused on theoretical issues relating to the law. Our curriculum is designed to help students understand our shared intellectual heritage and to reflect thoughtfully on their own beliefs and values. As students grapple with the “big questions,” they learn crucial intellectual skills – reading carefully, writing effectively, and constructing logical and imaginative arguments. Because these intellectual skills are valuable in all careers, philosophy is a flexible major that allows students to pursue a variety of different career paths. Philosophy is excellent preparation for graduate and professional school, and our students have been able to gain admission to top medical and law schools.

The department has a talented and accomplished faculty, all of whom are committed teachers. As you’ll see from our list of publications and our blog, the faculty are also active and productive scholars.

The department is also committed to creating a community of philosophical inquiry with our students – both in and out of the classroom. Because of our relatively small size, students get individual attention and have opportunities to pursue independent research under faculty supervision. The Philosophical Society (a student run club) provides a forum for informal discussion of philosophical ideas. The faculty also sponsor informal reading groups where students and faculty explore ideas together.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our Department and the opportunities we offer our students. If you are not yet a student at the College of Charleston and are planning to visit the campus, we would be happy to arrange for you to sit in on one of our classes or to meet with some of our faculty. 


Feel free to contact me if you have questions about our program or want to arrange a visit.

Jonathan Neufeld, Associate Professor and Chair