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Deborah Boyle


Address: 16 Glebe Street, Room 200
Phone: 843.953.5687

Deborah Boyle earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Wellesley College, and an M.A. and the University of Pittsburgh (1999). Her primary research interests are in the history of modern philosophy, especially early modern women philosophers and David Hume. She has published articles on Mary Astell, Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, Descartes, and Hume, and is the author of Descartes on Innate on Ideas (Continuum, 2009) and The Well-Ordered Universe: The Philosophy of Margaret Cavendish (Oxford University Press, 2018). She is currently editing a volume of selected philosophical writings of Lady Mary Shepherd (1777-1847), due to be published in the Library of Scottish Philosophy series in December 2018.


1999 - Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
1993 - M.A., Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
1989 - B.A., Philosophy, Wellesley College
1987-88 - Oxford University, Somerville College (junior year abroad)

Research Interests

  • History of modern philosophy
  • Descartes and Hume
  • 17th century women philosophers, Anne Conway and Margaret Cavendish


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