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Deborah Boyle


Address: 16 Glebe Street, Room 200
Phone: 843.953.5687

Deborah Boyle’s primary research interests are in the history of modern philosophy.  She has published articles on Descartes and Hume, and has recently been researching the work of seventeenth-century women philosophers, including Mary Astell, Anne Conway, and Margaret Cavendish. Currently on sabbatical, she is now finishing up a book manuscript on Margaret Cavendish, as well as writing about the relationship between Hume's theory of probability and his arguments concerning the existence of God and miracles.


1999 - Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
1993 - M.A., Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
1989 - B.A., Philosophy, Wellesley College
1987-88 - Oxford University, Somerville College (junior year abroad)

Research Interests

  • History of modern philosophy
  • Descartes and Hume
  • 17th century women philosophers, Anne Conway and Margaret Cavendish


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